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Hoverboards and self balancing electric scooters (mini-Segway boards as they are also known as) were one of the hottest items being bought for Christmas 2015. These personal transportation devices are so new that there is very few quality websites about them. That's about to change. By the time you're done here you'll know so much more about hoverboards and self balancing electric scooters.

Don't want to waste time reading? Here's some quick links:

Click on this link to see the best Hoverboard Reviews. These are the hoverboard reviews that I've written.

Need a Hoverboard How To Guide? Check those out if you need help learning anything about 2 wheeled electric scooters. There's guides on how to learn to ride, as well as buying guides for parents and even one for people who are watching their costs.

Have you bought a smart balance wheel already and you've broken it in a tragic accident? Don't worry, here's the Electric Scooter Parts section. Inside are parts, accessories, and repair guides, along with ways and guides on how to customize your hoverboard.

You see, I've been working feverishly on the site and became impatient and wanted to share it with the world.

I'm not saying that I keep changing my mind. It's just that I find a better way to try and present the information that I have to you, and then I want to change it up a bit. I really am done with that mostly, though some of the menu order, and sizing of the elements might change.

Please have patience with me. If you come by here and you think it looks like crap, you're probably right. I do intend to get it looking much better.

If you see something that you think that I need to fix, please tell me. I'd hate to have a site that was really good, BUT....

All things considered, that's the lowest hoverboard price on Amazon I've seen. There's a slight problem though. I've found a decent hoverboard that's under $250. Click on the link to see the deals. It's a great hoverboard price, the only drawback is that the warranty is only 30 days. Be sure to check it out, supplies are limited.

Amazon has currently pulled all hoverboards from their site. While I have not seen any reasons, it doesn't take a lot of brainpower to figure out that they were pulled because of the CPSC saying that ALL hoverboards were dangerous. No word on when they'll be back, so there are a bunch of broken links on the site that I am in the process of updating.

I have some really good news though. Several brands have lowered their prices, so NOW is the time to buy if you're looking for a hoverboard. Visit this page to see all of the current hoverboard deals.​

See My Hoverboard Comparison Review

Comparison of 6 Hoverboard Brands

See The Hoverboards that I Reviewed to Find the Best Hoverboard to Buy

In this hoverboard comparison review, i compare and contrast 6 different models of 6.5" hoverboards from Amazon. Want to know which I think is the best hoverboard that you can buy? You'll have to read the article to find out.

The Hooverboard is the Best Self Balancing Scooter

This is what we expected from Back to the Future II, not the balance board we've been given.

I Need a Hoverboard, Is This The Right Place?

Let me start with a story. In June, I asked my girlfriend what she wanted for Christmas. (I thought I should ask her early, so it'd be more of a surprise when I did get it for her)

She told me that she wanted a hoover board.

I quickly learned the following things:

  • No, she's not talking about the skateboard from Back to the Future 2
  • No, she's not smoking crack.
  • That I must never insinuate that 1. She does smoke crack. 2. that Back to the Future 2 is the GREATEST MOVIE EVER.
  • Failure to keep these lessons learned will result in no sexy times, AT ALL.

I don't know about you, but I enjoy sexy times and want to make sure they don't disappear.

Back on Track...

I had no idea what the heck she was talking about when she talked about this thing. Her words were:

It was that swoopy thing that Kendall Jenner had on Instagram. You know that thing with wheels. Yeah, that's what it was. An electric skateboard. Kind of like a hands free Segway.

So I started my hunt not knowing for sure what it was that I was looking for. I'm sure many of you can relate. Especially if you're reading this.

Isn't the the whole point of something being a hoverboard is that it hovers.

If fact, I Googled it and found out the following. (I'm also not allowed to use the internet to win fights, otherwise... Yep, you guessed it, no sexy times. SIGH.)

Here's what the Oxford Dictionary has to say about hoverboards:

"But what is a real hoverboard? The prototypes unveiled by Lexus and ArxPax recently clearly satisfy the most important criteria for Back to the Future fans: they hover. Both rely on the repelling power of intense magnetic fields--generated by superconducting magnets cooled by liquid nitrogen--acting on a special magnetized track. So neither holds out the possibility that we'll all be zooming around towns and cities on them anytime soon. On the other hand, the boards ridden by Wiz Khalifa at Los Angeles airport recently (ridden, that is, until police wrestled him to the ground), are hoverboards in name only: the word is currently registered as a trademark in the US and the UK but manufacturers of a miniature, mini Segway style vehicle which stays firmly on the ground. Whether these devices takes off (while not actually taking off) remains to be seen; certainly, they haven't been around long enough to be included in the new OED (Oxford English Dictionary) entry. which restricts itself to boards that Marty McFly would recognize."

The Oxford English Dictionary on (Self Balancing) Hoverboard and Electric Scooters

To makes things even more difficult, this article about IO Hawk and how there were fakes everywhere was published. Now there were the real things and some fakes? Is an IO Hawk the same thing as a Swagway? Why is the Hovertrax price so much less than a PhunkeeDuck? A Powerboard leaves the train station at 12 pm heading east. An hour later, a Razor is ridden....

WOAH! Sorry had a flashback to my 5th grade math teacher. I promise no more math problems.

Are You Searching for the Best Smart Board or Electric Scooters?

Have you gotten fed up with looking at all the different sites promising to have the best electric hoverboards, smart self balancing electric scooter or self balancing board, or whatever they are calling it? I know I did. That's one of the reasons that I decided to start this site. I had gotten tired of people asking me the same questions over and over. So I started writing stuff down. Before you knew it I had enough to get a website started.

On this site you'll find what I hope is some of the best content around the internet about smart boards, and balance wheels, and self balancing electric scooters, the list is endless with all the different names that they're called.

Here's some of the various articles that I have been working on creating for my readers.

  • Learn How to Ride a Self Balancing Electric Scooter - Done
  • 10 Quick Troubleshooting Steps for Your Hoverboard
  • 5 Ways to Customize your Self Balancing Scooter - Done
  • What's The Difference Between A Self Balancing Scooter and A Smart Balance Wheel
  • 7 Tricks You Can Do on Your Hover Board and 3 That You Can't
  • How to Pick the Best Scooter - Done
  • What's the Difference Between All these Different Brands and Models.
  • and many more.

Beyond those guides however are the reviews that I'm working on finishing. I'm starting with the most popular models or the ones that I hear people asking the most questions about and from these create accurate, real, in-depth reviews that answer the questions that people actually have. These won't be some little 2 paragraph blurb saying "OMG buy this!"

I've been shopping online for years, so I think that I can help you out buy cutting through the fluff, the scams, the people who don't care. Together we can get you the smart balance electric hoverboard that you need.

A Quick Disclaimer

You will see several recommendations and links to items being sold across the internet on this site. I spend an unhealthy amount of time looking for the best deals and products. I spend even more time researching the content that I post. Most of the articles I have spent 10 or more hours on. The point of all this is not for you to pity me. (I won't stop you)

I promise you that everything I list or link to is a high quality product, service, or source. It's here because it's better than the other junk you see everywhere. Some of these things have programs that reward people who send them business. It's no different that me telling you to go talk to my buddy Joe over at Joe's Scooter Emporium two blocks over to get a deal. You should assume that all the links are this type of affiliate link.

Because I stand by what I recommend if you ever have any issues with something that you purchased through my site and it:

  • ​doesn't work,
  • breaks,
  • dies,
  • flies,
  • causes you to stub a toe,
  • leaves you unhappy in any way, shape, or form:
I write all the self balancing electric scooter reviews

I'm sorry for the horrible picture, but my girlfriend says that I look cute there. (I think she's trying to get revenge)

I will fix that problem. That's MY guarantee to you.

I will make your problem be my problem and work to fix the problem. If I need to raise hell with a vendor to get a hold of customer service, I will. If I need to find an alternative that works as promised I will. Whatever I can do to fix the issue, I will.

If you decide to click on one of the links on my site here's some things to remember.

  • You're buying from a major retailer, so you have certain protections and options in case something doesn't go right. Much better than buying off of some dude's website. (Though I'd hope by now you don't quite think of me as some random dude on the internet. You don't, right?
  • Major eCommerce sites will typically have better prices. Buying in bulk pays off, in the this market also.
  • Faster shipping for less money, if not free. Again the major stores have the small shops beat.
  • I will rarely post a link to some random person selling something. All of the companies I'll link to are well-known, and you probably would have gone to them anyway.

How to Use This Site to Get The Best Hoverboard?

You can buy a smart board from Sears

Did you Know that Sears Sells Hoverboards?

You can buy a self balancing scooter from ebay

Ebay is known for selling everything.

A Balance Board, one of the coolest gifts for Christmas

Buy a balance board at retailers like Overstock

You Should Buy A Hoverboard at Amazon

Where to buy a hoverboard? Amazon

Sometimes these stores do not have the lowest price, though I will try to list the best place to buy a when i do list a site. Consider the following criteria as making a website "THE BEST PLACE TO BUY..."

  • The lowest price for the hoverboard that I could find online.
  • The quickest shipping for the lowest price. Look at the shipping costs and add it to the price. Is the total still the best price for a two wheel self balancing electric scooter? Also, how long does it take to get shipped to you.
  • Are they any taxes or fees that you have to pay? Add these to the cost from the step above. Is that new total price for your an acceptable price?
  • Now compare the shipping times. It might be worth a $10 difference in price if the smart balance wheel arrives in a week's time instead of a month's time. I don't know about you, but I'm always a little impatient when it comes time to wait for my online purchases.
  • Is it a reputable vendor and website?

You can also find other related products to hoverboards and electric scooters. I'll be linking to parts for repairs. customizations, self balancing scooter videos, and the best safety gear. Also, I'll try to have all the other bits and pieces that you always wish the sales people had told you to get.

Where Can I Buy A Hoverboard From

Pardon my Awesome Photoshop Skills,

Are Trying to Find Where to buy a Hoverboard With Bluetooth Speakers?

I'm working on gathering the best of the best for all the people who visit the site. Since I don't actually sell the smart balancing wheels myself, I've got some flexibility that other sites don't have. Basically, I can add the best products at the best prices from any vendor that I can find. Sometimes it will be Amazon, other times, it could be Swagway or a Razor Hovertrax. It just depends on who's got what deals going on. Or who has a certain hoverboard brand in stock.

A perfect example. Currently there's a Funace hoverboard with bluetooth speakers. It's only sale for under $400. That's less than any other brand hoverboard.

Funace White Hoverboard With Bluetooth Speakers

Funace Self Balancing Scooters Are Some of the Most Inexpensive Hoverboards Currently

Comparing Razor Hovertrax vs Swagway X1 vs Powerboard by Hoverboard

Here's a quick comparison of the Hovertrax versus the X1 versus the Powerboard.


Razor Hovertrax

Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

The Razor Hovertrax Electric Hoverboard

The Razor Hovertrax is the Slowest Hoverboard of Any of the Current Models. Coupled with a Short Lived Battery and A Higher Cost Leaves Little Reason To Buy One.

  • Razor Scooters is a well-known company.
  • Top Speed only 6 MPH
  • 115 min Battery Life
  • More Expensive for Equivalent Scooter

90-day Manufacturer's Warranty

America's #1 Scooter Company


Swagway X1

Hands-Free Smart Balancing Board

The Swagway X1 Hands Free Smart Board

The Swagway X1 is The Fastest Model You Can Buy. A Moderate Battery Life Let's You Go Up to 20 mi Before You Need a Recharge.

  • Top Speed of 10 MPH
  • 5 hr. Battery Life
  • Takes 2-3 hrs to recharge.
  • Rubber Bumpers Can Fall Off Easily

1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

The Best Selling Hoverboard 2015


Powerboard Hoverboard

My #1 Pick For The Best Hoverboard to Buy

Chrome Powerboard Hoverboard Electric Scooter

The Powerboard by Hoverboard May Not Be As Fast As The X1, It Will Keep Going for an Extra Hour and 5 More mi.

  • Top Speed 8 MPH
  • 6 hr. Battery Life
  • Take 1 hr to Recharge
  • Not As Fast As The X1

1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Trade Speed for Battery Life

Self Balancing Scooter FAQs

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message and I'll help you out.

What is a Segway?

A Segway is a two wheel motorized personal transporter. If has a wheeled base the rider stands on while holding onto a handle. The handle steers and drives the transporter.

​How Much Are Segways?

The prices of a Segway vary from about $1500 to $5000. Why are they so expensive? Because of the different features that are installed. One of the most common places that Segway's are used is at your local mall. They allow law enforcement to be more efficient and effective in policing the mall.

Do You Know Where to Buy a Segway?

You can find Segways for sale at the company website Segway.com. There are also other brands that are similar on Amazon and Ebay.

What is a Mini Segway Board? And What's the Difference Between a Segway and a Mini Segway Board?

The mini Segway board is what some people call a two wheel mini smart self balancing scooter. Imagine a Segway without a handle and then shrunk down to about the size of a skateboard. Think of it being a hands-free Segway. The larger Segway has a handle and can go faster and farther than the mini-Segway.

What is a hoverboard?

A hoverboard is a floating board that looks like a floating skateboard without wheels. It was first seen in the Back to the Future movies.

What is a Hoverboard with Wheels? You Just Mentioned a Hoverboard Without Wheels?

A hoverboard is also known as a two wheel self balancing electric scooter. There’s not a real hoverboard without wheels. Technology is not quite ready to give us the real hoverboard that we all want to have. One day…

I'm so Confused. Are Hoverboards Real?

A real hoverboard as in a floating hoverboard without wheels, does not currently exist.

There are a few videos on YouTube that have some prototype hoverboards.

It's still several years away before we can have a hoverboard like the one in Back to the Future. Watch this video, it's really cool.

What is a Smartboard?

A smartboard is a name for a two wheel electric self balancing drifting board or hoverboard.

Ah, It's Beginning to Make Sense

Who or What is an IO Hawk?

IO Hawk is a brand of self balancing smart wheel. They were one of the first brands of hoverboard sold in the US. However there have been some legal issues for them recently restricting what they are allowed to sell.

Jeez, Just Tell Me What Are All the Names for A Hoverboard?

  • Hoverboard / Hover board
  • Smartboard / Smart Board
  • Self Balancing Scooter
  • Electric Self Balancing Scooter / Self Balancing Electric Scooter
  • Balance Board / Smart Balance Board / Self Balancing Board
  • Drifting Scooter / Board
  • Mini Segway Board

You see the point. I think the longest name that I've seen is this: a two wheeled hands free self balancing smart electric drifting scooter. Oh, with Bluetooth speakers, lol.

I've got many more answers to all sorts of questions about hoverboard, electric scooters, and smart balance wheels. I'll call them what the manufacturer for whatever model I happen to be talking about calls them. Be sure to see the Hoverboard FAQs section. Also I will be making a Complete Guide to Hoverboards that you'll be able to get for free.

This about wraps up the main hoover board and mini Segway board page. The contact form is just below this if you'd like to message me about anything.