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Howdy, and thanks for coming to the best hoverboard site on the Internet.  On this page, we have all of  the scooter guides for you.  These guides and how to's were created for all skill levels.  If you've accidentally ended up here, you can jump to the main page.If you meant to come to this page, look below to see what guides we have.   There are in-depth hoverboard reviews and all the parts for a hoverboard that you could ever need.

What Topics I Cover

I've tried to model the page after this Consumer Reports scooters page.

There are guides on how to ride your hoverboard, or self balancing scooter, whichever you prefer to call it.

Also we have a couple of guides on picking the best scooter for adults and for kids.  In addition to those two guides, is the basic picking a self balancing scooter guide.  It covers the basics of how to pick your scooter, and what things you should keep on the lookout for.

I hope that these scooter guides are of use to you.  Be sure to leave a comment or shoot me a message via the contact form at the bottom of every page.

Other Sections of the Site

Also, check out the other main sections of the site.   We have the self  balancing scooter reviews page, with lots of quality reviews.  Maybe you need some scooter parts or accessories, if so, I've got you covered.  Or maybe you'd like to read up on the corporate policies and disclaimers for the site.

I need your help though.

It's pretty simple thing really, but I do need your help for it.

I need to know what you'd like me to cover.  What things about self balancing scooters would you like to know about?  What are the problems that always seem to be occurring with your scooter?  What do you wish there was a guide about?

It may seem like these are pretty silly questions to be asking, but there's a real reason why I ask.  I'd like to make this site as useful as possible.  If you look around at other scooter sites, they have the same 4 articles it seems, with only minor changes to the wording of those articles.  That's because research says this is what is searched for most.

I'd like to cover that too, but I'd also like to cover what do people really need to know about.  Whether 10000 or 10 people are searching for a keyword, I want to write it.

Your mission, whether you choose to accept it or not, is to think on this and send me a comment via the comment form at the bottom of the page. (Click on the About link).

The Hoverboard Guides

Sharing what I've learned about self-balancing scooters.

Master List of Hoverboard User Manuals

Sep 27, 2016
hoverboard user manuals for multiple brands

Trying to find a User Manual Sucks

Hoverboard user manuals , who needs one?

All you do is turn it on and go, right?

Most of the time, that’s the case no big deal, nothing too difficult.

But what does that red blinky light mean?

Why does my hoverboard have an orange light when I try to charge it?

These are all issues that are covered in the different user manuals below.

I’ve tried to include as many of them as I can find.

If you find that you need a specific manual that I don’t have included below, shoot me a message and I’ll try to find it.

Swagway X1 Owner’s Guide

The user operations manual for the Swagway X1. It wasn’t too difficult to find, though there’s not a link to it from the page on Amazon (when it’s listed there), the official page , or the Target.com page (where it’s also sold.)

From the user manual:

  • When the low battery indicator turns on, get off your Swagway X1. The Swagway will not balance and you will fall.
  • Max slope of 30 degrees. Other places say that the max slope is only 10-15 degrees.
  • Does your Swagway pull to the left or right? You might need to recalibrate it. Inside are the instructions on How to Recalibrate the Swagway X1.

Download the Swagway X1 Owners Manual

The Swagway X1 Hands Free Self Balancing Smart Board

See what I thought of the X1 from Swagway.

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How To Make Your Hoverboard Safe And Avoid Danger

Sep 12, 2016
The 2016 Safe Hoverboard Guide for Parents


Hoverboards have for some time gained a dangerous reputation. There have been numerous incidents reported of self-balancing scooters bursting into flames. Because of this, many concerned parents took steps to limit the danger to their children and anyone else that might choose to ride a hoverboard. It even led to a recall of more than 500,000 hoverboards. If you follow these eight simple steps, you’ll only experience a hoverboard accidents on video while watching YouTube.


UL.com is responsible for many safety standards designed to keep us safe.


The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has recently introduced a protection standard it has dubbed UL 2272. The standard is supposed to address the dangers caused by hoverboards, and vendors have implemented adequate protections for riders.


The hoverboard fire was nearly successful in burning down it's owner's house.


It is designed to support the manufacturers and retailers by evaluating and certifying hoverboards electric drive train systems, batteries, chargers, basically the entire electrical system. By taking the time to ensure the hoverboard that you’re considering is UL certified, you’ll have other things to worry about than your hoverboard catching on fire.


This is the label for devices that have passed UL2272 electrical systems for self-balancing scooters safety standard


Be sure to always check the UL mark on the packaging, the charger, and the actual hoverboard.  Some retailers have been caught using fake UL markers. These counterfeit certified hoverboards are anything but safe. The official UL mark is a holographic label, with multiple colors and viewing angles.


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Finding the Cheapest Hoverboard Prices

Aug 27, 2016
Find the Cheapest Hoverboard Prices and the Best Deals


Finding the lowest hoverboard prices isn’t easy. There are countless places that you need to visit if you want to find cheap hoverboards for sale.

Beyond the places you’ll visit, how will you know if it’s safe to buy a hoverboard from Joe’s Generic Hoverboards Store?

The last thing you want to do is waste your hard earned money purchasing a discount hoverboard for sale on eBay, and then finding out that you had bought a counterfeit hoverboard or an unsafe one.

Did you hear about the massive hoverboard recall? It included more than 500,000 units.

Worry no more, my friends. I’ve been looking at hoverboards online for countless hours each and every day.

I’ve got a ton of sites that I’ve found with excellent self-balancing scooter sales and deals. These sites typically aren’t of enough interest to write a full article on, but they would be perfect for a roundup page like this. I’ve also included some of the top brands that people are always asking.

Which brings me to say, welcome to the best place to find hoverboard deals. It can be a lot of work to find a good deal on a hoverboard. Now that you’ve visited this page, you’ll find it much easier.

If you’re looking for answers to your questions, visit the self-balancing scooter FAQ page.


In case you didn’t know many of the links on this site are affiliate links. What that means is these are sites that have programs where people can enroll and refer customers. After being referred, a customer would purchase something, and if that customer came from my site, I would get a small percentage commission.
That commission doesn’t cost you anything, it is paid by the vendor.

I use that to help pay for the expenses of running this site, and one day, hopefully, I’ll be able to use some of that income to buy groceries. If you have any questions about this, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page and respond promptly.

Also, be sure to see the main guides page for the latest in self-balancing scooter tutorials.

Alright, let’s get started I don’t have them sorted in any particular manner, though in general, I’ve tried to put the most popular items near the beginning.

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Where’s the Best Place to Buy A Hoverboard

Aug 26, 2016
Where Can I Buy A Hoverboard From


Visitors to the site ask this question most often.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of them by now.


Stories of their rising popularity among people of all levels and walks of life.

If you have not heard about them, yet here’s some of the basics. They are self-balancing electric scooters that start to move when you step on them. They can be a little tricky at first, but once you learn how to operate one, you will probably become a fan.

Recently, the story of hoverboards has changed from the new cool gadgets on the streets to a home-burning, random fire starting, and embarrassing falls causing dangerous contraption.

Indeed, several reports on the news have led the broadcast with lurid tales of the numerous fires resulting from exploding hoverboards.


All these precautions and actions seem to have had little effect on the demand for hoverboards. All in all, it seems like hoverboards are here to stay.

That is, in spite of the reports that have been streaming in left and right of the latest fire or incident involving hoverboards.

Honestly, they seem to be getting more and more publicity regardless of whatever hoverboard story is running on the news. Because of this increasing popularity, numerous companies have ventured into the business of manufacturing hoverboards.

Among the retailers are major stores including Amazon, Overstock.com, and even Sears.

Yes, you can get a Sears hoverboard. (I wonder if it has a Craftsman warranty…)

All jokes aside, (this means you, Sears hoverboard) more and more retailers are stocking these devices to join the profitable industry.

Today, all sorts of companies from various locations around the globe are dealing with hoverboards. It is difficult to know what stores sell hoverboards.

This is because many stores might sell items regionally, on online only. For example, BestBuy sells the Swagtron T1, but online only.

Although you can find hoverboards in many places today, few retailers are like Amazon.

Their step of removing hoverboards from the site in December 2015 only made people more determined to find somewhere that was selling hoverboards. The secondary marketplaces people bought hoverboards popped up as soon as they saw an opportunity.

One of my friends bought a smart balance wheel from some guy at a gas station. People were desperate, allowing them to sell any and all makes of hoverboards, some of them even counterfeit.


How do you sell a counterfeit hoverboard? The “safest” hoverboards are the ones that have Samsung batteries inside.

Resellers with hoverboards without the tell-tale blue Samsung batteries quickly realized that they needed to have blue battery cells inside to make the sale. These self-balancing scooters were bought by people thinking they now were safe from any hoverboard accidents.

Imagine their surprise when they left their hoverboard charging overnight, only to be woken in the morning by the sound of fire alarms.


Other sellers sold counterfeit hoverboards by copying the styles of the better know self-balancing scooter brands. Brands like: Swagway, Monorover, and IO Hawk were imitated and impersonated to make the sale once more.

Those customers who bought a counterfeit hoverboard only found out when it came time to have a warranty repair on their scooter. Imagine having bought something for $1000 only to have reseller tell you that the item was fake. Ouch!

Most times it’s hard to tell which device is safe, especially if you are a first-time buyer. That’s why you should research your purchases first. (This is what brought you to the site, right?) The first place to start when you are looking to get a real hoverboard: an established and reliable retailer.

Consider an Amazon Hoverboard. Though It’s Not Really a Hoverboard Amazon Made

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Help! What is the Weight Limit For a Hoverboard?

Jul 31, 2016
Learn About the Max Weight Limit for a Hoverboard




A hoverboard weight limit?  Are they implying something?

My good friend Freddie hit me up the other day and asked me this:

You know I’m a big guy and I was wondering is there a weight limit for hoverboard riders? What I mean is: will I break a hoverboard?  You know I weigh more than 300 lbs, can you tell me where to find hoverboard that I can use and not break?

In a hurry? You can jump down the comparison chart that I created and find the best heavy-duty hoverboard that will meet your needs.

Jump to the Comparison Table

I was stumped by this question. When you’re shopping for the best hoverboard for a person who weighs 100 lbs., the last thing you’re thinking about is how much weight a hoverboard could support.

I was used to questions like where to easily buy hoverboards, or even how to ride a hoverboard, but I was stumped at first.

Back to the story.

So my buddy is a big dude. He’s big enough that if he doesn’t want to budge, he’s not going to budge. He had been at work, and someone had brought in a mini-Segway. He loved it. But he was afraid that the mini-Segway couldn’t support him, and he wanted my help. He needed help to find the hoverboard / segway weight limit

This is what I do.
Capt. Save-a-ho Hoverboard to the rescue.

Honestly, when he first asked me the question, I didn’t know what the hoverboard max weight limit even was, or why it even mattered.  I image you could exceed the posted weight limit on hoverboard specs, but you probably wouldn’t want to. But was it that important? It was probably some crazy number anyway.

Off to the internet, I went, doing some research and reading all of the fine print that I could find.  I had to visit some unsavory sites; I even ended up on one site promising the “good smart electric hoverboar”  (that’s how they had it spelled).

You would not believe some of the things I saw.  Can you believe that someone has made hoverboard porn videos?  Whether hoverboard sex is your thing or not, you have to give them credit for the agility and planning that’s involved.  But there, in those deep and dark places, I found what I was looking for… (it wasn’t hoverboard porn.  Jeez, some people)

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500,000 Hoverboards Recalled: Is Yours One?

Jul 10, 2016
Swagway, Powerboard, Hovertrax, all are included in the hoverboard recall

A Major Recall of almost 500,000 Hoverboards was Announced Today



Breaking news: a major hoverboard recall has been announced for several different brands of hoverboard. It’s unclear whether additional models will be added to this list.  Currently, here are the brands and models that have joined the recall:

  • Swagway X1
  • Powerboard by hoverboard
  • Razor Hovertrax
  • the Hype Roam
  • the Wheeli
  • the iMoto
  • X Rider
  • the Airwalk Self-balancing electric scooter
  • MobileTech
  • Hover Shark
  • NWS
  • Back to the Future
  • 2Wheelz
  • any hoverboards purchased from Overstock.com
  • any purchased at Boscov’s

As you can see there are several different brands included, but the investigation is still ongoing, so the CPSC says that it is possible more brands or models could be added in the future.

What to do if your an owner of one of these models?

The exact procedure varies from brand to brand, so you will have to contact either the brand or the store where you bought your hoverboard. Typically what will happen next is that you will be required to show proof of purchase, and then they will have you send in your hoverboard. Once the vendor has it, they may repair your hoverboard, replace it entirely (with a new or refurbished unit), or even issue a full refund (in some cases)

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Choosing the Best Hoverboard For Kids

Jul 10, 2016
Kids Hoverboards: What Ones Parents Should Buy For Their Kids

Helping Parents to Pick the Best Hoverboard for Kids

A friend needed the best hoverboard for his children. With Christmas approaching, parents begin the age-old problem of trying to figure out what good old St. Nick is going to be leaving under the Christmas tree. For some, it’ll be a doll (action figure for boys), for others underwear (maybe my family was just weird), or the old favorite: a bicycle.

Scratch that. The bike has been replaced. We’ve evolved to the next era of transportation. Good-bye, bicycle. Hello, Hoverboard. Don’t know what a hoverboard is? Keep reading and I’ll share with you the best electric scooter to buy for kids.

Are Hoverboards Real?

The hoverboard that is now talked about is not the same one that you might envision in your mind. Today’s hoverboard with wheels is not the magical floating board that was made famous in “Back to the Future II.”

Instead, the hoverboard or self-balancing scooter as they are sometimes called is a two-wheeled skateboard-like device. It features a pair of wheels each with a motor attached and an axle with two-foot pads to stand upon. The rider stands on the pads, and as they lean forward or back, the motors start accelerating.

How much are Hoverboards?

The prices for a hoverboard vary wildly so exactly how much hoverboards are will depend on which one you buy and where you buy it.

Though, the price is from $250-1200, though some shops go as high as $1800. A higher price doesn’t mean that it is a better scooter to own, though.

Many of the models of hoverboard that are for sale come from the same maker; they just have different cases.  Find the cheapest hoverboards here.

Where Can You Buy a Hoverboard?

There are many shops online, Craigslist, and even the local classified ads are full of sellers trying to get your attention. While you might be able to find a great deal on a hoverboard there, you should be sure that the vendor is reputable. Unless you are very familiar with a hoverboard, the chances are that you would not recognize the differences between the brands. You could get scammed into paying more than you should for the one you buy. Or even worse, end up with a defective self-balancing scooter and stuck with no warranty to help get it repaired.

What’s the Best Place to Buy A Hoverboard?

Hands down, you should buy your hoverboard on Amazon.com. There’s a reason that they are the number one online retailer. While it can be a pain to search sometimes (Though that’s why this site is here, to help pull the good stuff out of Amazon) they still have nearly everything that you could want to buy available there.

Not only do they sell almost every brand of scooter, but you can also see reviews and ask vendors questions. Plus, they allow you to return unused items for 30 days. There’s also the A-to-Z Guarantee to help cover you during the return process.

Good point, you said warranty…

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How to Make Buying A Self-Balancing Scooter Pain-Free

Jun 19, 2016
A Guide to Choosing the Best Hoverboard

Buying A Self-Balancing Scooter Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

When picking a self-balancing electric scooter, you first have to check the technical specifications. Each brand is different and provides unique features that you may or may not need. Two models that look identical can be vastly different when you begin to examine them. Apart from that, there are some key details you’ll have to take into account if you want to sort out the difference between a useless product and a hoverboard that can get you to the stars.

Unsure about what the specs for your self-balancing scooter might mean? See a general explanation of them here on my hoverboard reviews page.

The Motor

Essential for making the scooter scoot, the power of the motor is probably the most important factor to consider. Speed may not differ too much here (although it can range from 5mph to 10 mph), but, generally, motors weaker than 300 watts are not recommended for heavier folks.

You can expect that a motor with more wattage will propel a self–balancing scooter better than a lower wattage version.

I’ve seen several hoverboard brands mention that they are water-proof. While the motors may have tight seals to prevent water damage, this doesn’t mean you can ride through water more than 1-2” deep. Current 6.5” models only have 1.2” clearance between the chassis and the ground. By driving through a deep puddle, you will submerge the bottom of the scooter. Submersion could allow water to leak into the motor and wheels—or even short-circuit your battery.

Batteries and Chargers

Most electric self-balancing scooters come with a sealed battery and charger. Inside the battery package is 12-18 smaller battery cells. Each of the batteries provides from 12-18 volts. (It all depends on the brand/model) Depending on the quality of the charger, will determine how long it takes to recharge your scooter.

The trick here is to keep in mind that the best batteries will take only about 2 hours to recharge (when fully drained), and that, before they “die of old age”, you should be able to recharge them at least 400 times. The CPSC recommends as a safety precaution that you only charge your battery for 2-3 hours before removing it from the charger.

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The Ultimate Hoverboard FAQ Page

Jun 10, 2016
Hoverboard FAQs and Other Self Balancing Scooter News

The Ultimate List of Hoverboard Questions and Their Answers

I’ve gathered up all the actual questions that I have been asked by people, both in person, and online. I didn’t realize that there were so many! I figured that the best thing for me to do was to share them so that everyone could gain. If you have a question that you’d like me to answer, please feel free to message me. There’s a contact form at the bottom of every page. Also, please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the blog.

What Are Hoverboards?

This section are just some general questions about the different names that hoverboards are called.

What is a Segway?

A Segway is a two wheel motorized personal transporter. If has a wheeled base the rider stands on while holding onto a handle. The handle steers and drives the transporter.

How Much Are Segways?

The prices of a Segway vary from about $1500 to almost $5000. There are now many features that come with the Segway. You may have even seen a mall cop riding around on one that has sirens and flashing lights.

Where to buy a Segway?

You can find Segways for sale at the company website Segway.com. There are also other brands that are similar on Amazon and Ebay.

What is a mini-Segway?

The mini-Segway is what some people call the new Segway MiniPro.   Segway had not released a hoverboard with the initial rush of companies.  Now it’s apparent why.

Now Available for Pre-orders is the MiniPro from Segway

The New Segway MiniPro Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Now available for pre-orders, with units shipping on June 29, 2016 is the Segway MiniPro.  It has numerous safety features built into it to provide for a safer ride.  You can find out more in my full review or via the link above.

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2016 Hoverboard Buyer’s Guide: How to Find the Best Self Balancing Scooter

Jun 10, 2016
Download the Self Balancing Electric Scooter Buyers Guide

What’s the Best Electric Scooter?

Don’t want to get a self-balancing scooter because you’re afraid you’ll fall off? Relax, it’s designed to keep steady, but I’ve written a guide to riding a
self-balancing scooter. It’s as easy as disarming a bomb, underwater. Ok, so it’s not QUITE that hard. If you need the best Guide to Kids Scooters, I’ve even got

See More Hoverboard How To Guides Here:

It started off as an innocent question from a good friend of mine. Then it goes pretty in depth as we talked about the best scooters and what was a mini

It’s a self-balancing scooter I replied to his email.

The Hoverboard We All Grew Up Hoping For

What’s a Hoverboard and Are Hoverboard’s Real?

Whether there’s a real life hoverboard or not depends on your definition of a hoverboard.

Is it a board that hovers over the ground without touching the ground, a hoverboard on water?

No, that type of hoverboard isn’t real.

If you are speaking instead about a hoverboard with wheels. Then, yes, a hoverboard with wheels is real.

What’s the difference between a hoverboard and a mini Segway?

A hoverboard is a mini Segway, a standing scooter. A business can’t call their product that because Segway is trademarked. It’s like hot tubs. People call
them Jacuzzi’s, but Jacuzzi’s are a brand of hot tub.

A mini Segway is also a branded scooter. Segway owns the trademark for the name, and so they can protect their brand if someone uses their name.

Saying mini Segway is a lot more intuitive than hoverboard with wheels.

–It’s like a miniature Segway. Like the vehicle you see mall cops riding. But a hoverboard looks like a mini Segway that’s hands-free.

–It’s not a hoverboard, sorry. I meant a self-balancing board.

-I need to find the best hoverboard weight limit.

—My Accidentally Overhearing Two People Talking About Balance Scooters

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